Be FIT. Life and health balance spreading from Turkey to Central Europe.

Summer coming and still not have lost my „extra carriage“. Not easy to face the mirror and other´s feedback. Courage needed, so motivation. Time?! Yes, time is money. What I can do for myself to avoid „noname posh“ gyms? How can I survive without my dance lessons in Istanbul? Once I went to B-Fit club, I thought: „ I will die or will survive“. And what about you? Do you want to find „your“ place for sport? It could be one of Turkey´s leading women sports and health centers further mentioned…

Altogether B-FIT’s 25,000 members have lost 15 tons, but what is exciting is that many of them have changed their lives for the better after meeting B-FIT. B-fit has given an opportunity to 96 women to start their own businesses (independent-style franchising). B-fit could be a social club too. Offering seminars, community projects, etc. B-FIT started its journey when one of the founding partners, Bedriye Hülya joined a similar club in the United States. She got slimmer by two sizes in 6 months. She decided to bring the same system to Turkey and started an in depth research of all the aspects of the system. It was a widely accepted and proven system in the Americas and Europe. It has already been used by 13 million women in the United States. Today, after 3.5 years of establishment, Turkish women love B-fit and every month many B-FITs open their doors all over Turkey. If this works for them, why not with non-Turkish ones?!

What is B-FIT program about? B-FIT Training Program is a unique fitness program that was developed in the USA involving usage of different fitness machines which work with your own capacity of push/pull power. These especially safe hydraulic machines are suitable for women of all ages and body types (minimum 15 to maximum 80 years of age).This circuit training program takes only 30 minutes daily. Why 30 minutes?It’s proven that this world-wide system makes all parts of the body work and it provides the essential daily exercise that the body needs in 30 minutes. These 30 minutes include the essential strength, cardiovascular and flexibility exercises for a healthy life. These 30 minutes seemed to me funny. How can I “work hard” in such short time? But after repeating first “cirle” I went wet. The trainer was laughing. She recognized my skeptic view before I have started. Yes, it works! It is same “fat killer” as other fitness circle trainings or e.g. zumba.

Apart from being run by and for females, B-FIT is a role model in the sense that it is socially responsible as each B-FIT franchise functions as a social club for women in the middle and lower income classes. B-FIT wants to increase the quality of life for these women and it is using sports to do it. And you can create your own business by purchasing franchise. The quality guarantee of B-FIT is assured by being exclusively women and the scrutinized selection of the women who will partake in this business. To take a part in the family, to earn money by enjoying it and to appreciate the gratification of making yourself useful for the status of WOMEN in the world, go and join B-FIT.

I fall in love with B-FIT´s motto: “Because a sport is not a luxury.” There are special discounts for annual memberships, students and elderly at B-FIT in Turkey. For monthly fees, contact the B-FIT office or one of its branches. I have shown you possibly the new way of strengthening your bodies and souls. Unfortunately each of us has to fight her battle herself. Keep fingers crossed.

For detailed information please visit B-FIT´s site: or B-FIT at FACEBOOK:!/pages/b-fit/91436356841?v=wall

Czech version is going to be released on 30th March 2011 at


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