Is there any Christmas spirit in Turkey?

One would say, not possible to find anything related to Christmas in Turkey. Although christians are minority in Turkey, you can feel the fresh festive atmosphere everywhere.

I do not like Santa, as we Czechs have Ježíšek (another cool guy giving gifts), but I am happy to see huge bulbs installations all around. As I miss my family even shining Santa with animals is good. So what, how can I stand plastic tree and plastic decorations when coming from country of  hand made glass decorations?

„ I believe in Christmas, in family, in harmony“ are singing girls in “Yeni Yil Köpekleri´nin” movie. Yes, I do. First year celebrating it out of my country. Friends are wondering that „even there“ you are celebrating. Mutlu Noeller greetins are used as often as „Iyi Günler“ (have a nice day). Happy to feel things differently.

I am sitting on my new sofa and laughing. Our guests (turkish-arabic) throwing shoes and searching for stars inside their apples. I have prepared vánočka and other traditional christmas sweets. If I had not miss my family I would have said it was perfect. Thanks to the path I have to follow!

No matter where I Am, bringing my “Christmas” spirit  with me… so m mother´s receipts…

Wish you Happy New Year!


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