Meeting Abada White: Capoeira at its best

Timelessness, vibes, passion, philosophy, sharing – that was our weekend with capoeira in Brno. If you like martial arts, dance, acrobatics and music, you would love it. One can create his own world in capoeira. His own state of being. His own flow… 

Capoeira met me late. But it was my son, who took his chance… I believe once you know the feeling, once you were in love with the speed, strength and being challenged with your own limits, you got it. Capoeira simply is beautiful.

At least this is what I can observe, the teachers, the students, music and more. I will be always grateful that I have moved my love from ič, ný, san, či, go, roku and kicks towards better understanding the silence and self-awareness. From fast kicks to the centred stand and stability… Now I can feel what does it mean to perform one´s free spirit.

Enjoy the photos. They will show you perhaps one percentage of the capoeira´s magic.



Find more about capoeira in Brno here:




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