Mother´s Day? Everyday…

This weekend we have celebrated a lot. We have been to the puppet festival at the French cultural center and seen the national stalls of many European countries. It was nice, cause the Istiklal street was really busy with various artists and street music. Kids were bouncing around with balls and crayons and we have eaten really delicious stuff – livres (my first time)… The other day we have decided to continue with our party-like day. Went to the beach and were drawing all together with our cat. I have eaten great Urfa kebab and later on we finished with crispy spicy meat and hand-made California sushi roll. I was happy to meet all the nice people and can thank to my boys – it was really wonderful weekend! I wish all mothers could walk hand in hand with their families all over the globe… And not only at the Mother´s Day…

Mama Hana 😀

Everyday receipt – learn something new, show them something you love. Sharing is the best basement for development…


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