Reason or two for celebration

Ortakoy, 2013
Ortakoy, 2013

Being an expatrie mum trying to work against all odds is very challenging.  I am sometimes confronted with the fact that my diplomas and certifications are useless. That writing at home is not a profession… It is not even glass ceiling, it is like the roof coming on my head. Therefore I am starting to celebrate every day starting today and might do some survival´s magical dance in the end. Because the value can not be measured easily (I mean by money on return). It is the exact amount of happiness we do have when doing something?

We were born unique. We were born beautiful. We might love dancing, singing and do not have to be dancers or singers. We might love planes and we do not have to be pilots. We can be mothers and do not like cooking. We can be everything. We deserve love, cause we are love. But we have to be careful when judging others. We are responsible for the society and its growth. We have the right to start micro-business´s… And we are very generous, giving almost all earnings back to our family, village, country… Do not ever trust anyone saying: „You are nothing, you owe nothing…“

We are united with our gender problems, time-management and attention to the details. We have to face stereotypes, tiredness, lack of sleep, lack of public praise based on stupid model roles and some of us have to face different types of violence.  How much I can understand those small everyday battles… Come on there are not only happy green widows or Stepford ladies… There are many creatures loving more than that. Take care of them. Their success is the success of women power. Kind of pathos, uh? Sorry I love Eve Ensler, I love my street flower seller, I love Elizabeth Gilbert and Angelina Jolie. I love my mum and my sister-in-law law. The only scale for my love and passion is my spirit. My grace and peace within…

Happy International Women´s Day!


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