Cowboy boots to French ladies

Kristin Evihan works with glass and silver in her own atelier, she creates angels, each with their own unique character. Don`t think that all of them are just baby faced angels. Look again at how different they are; from care-free girls with cowboy boots to French ladies, from embarrassed housewives to over-the-top dressed women to those in love. But I do not love her for all above mentioned. I love her style. Unique pieces and enthusiasm. Persistence melted with many other plus´s.



I went to Glass Furnace at Beykoz in 2003 to learn Glass Bead Making.

Ways how to lead your business when in the middle of creative work – strategy or natural intention?

I am not a strategy person… During my proffesional life I was really unhappy… So I listened my inner voice and followed up my natural intention…

Is patience the most important ability for an artist?

In my case definitely YES… Waiting to sell what I create needs lots of patience… Otherwise no chance to be in the market.

Angel faces, mandala like rings or other stuff? What is the most favorite type for you and why.

I love making faces with different emotions by lamp-working… I really am having lots of fun during the process.

You are also reconstructing old scarfs… What do you feel when touching it?

I am collecting different kind of scarves from all around Anatolia… They are really unique and different than the new ones, very soft, hand died and hand printed… You can see lots of lace works at the edges… I do not believe that nobody has that patience today…

Are you inspired by past, what is around now or some chimeras?

Sometimes yes… But mostly I try my own style…

How would you describe Cukurcuma?

Cukurcuma is located in the heart of Istanbul’s artsy Beyoglu quarter,  once home to a large Greek community, has managed to keep a balance between its original flea market charm and new-found respectability, with new galleries and designer boutiques. I love where my shop/atelier location IS…:-)

Thank you.


More about Kristin Evihan.

Photos by: Kristin Evihan



  1. Love Kristin work and her renovated gallery is something i hope once to visit if i ever visit again Istanbul
    indeed the angels are an endless delight, Interview enjoyed.

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