Jewelry fits me the best

Once I saw Dorina working with the copper wire, and I felt in love with her art. She is an open source of fantasy combined with many other human faces. I would love to introduce you Dorina´s  Doremel Design. And plus today is the best day to start new feeds at Dervishkadan.

How to start being creative, and how to continue when times got worse?

I am Dorina, a Romanian woman  living in Istanbul. I am theatre educated but along with this I was always very curios and eager to do things myself . When  you start doing, you start being creative. I love all the materials and I want to try them all, so when I am bored or blocked I just work with something else which inspires me.

Dorina´s creativity

How to face stereotype?

To avoid stereotypes you should enrich yourself more and more. Life is the best source of inspiration  but  I am not afraid to inspire  from other people’s  creativity as well. Actually there are no new things just new points of view to old things so I watch, I read, I try. And ideas come . The Lonely Mermaid is an original work which came after I  learned Cristi Friesen’s polymer clay  sculpting technique. She is a wonderful artist which inspired me a lot.

Lonely Mermaid

What about your business development – how have you started?

I don’t have a real business . I sold items in internet, among  friends and during 2 summers I had a table on the island which sold very good stereotypes but it didn’t  satisfied my artist  side so I decided not to open it anymore. Because I am not a seller.

Pearls everywhere

Most challenging thing about your work is…?

Sometimes I am starting a project  and I cannot stop till is finished. I am so impatient to see the result that’s why i cannot do things which take long time work. Jewelry fits me the best. My problem was that I would like to do something more artistic and original but the idea that I have to sell them was blocking me in commercial. Actually it’s exactly opposite, if you let yourself free you create beautiful work which worth to be bought. I have hopes for the future.

Jewelry fits her the best

What gives you hope?

The feeling inside me gives me hope. That feeling which is tickling my hands and push me to do . I wish you a happy creative new year!

Thank you Dorina for sharing those words. Happy New Year 2013. Who is coming soon? I will keep it as a secret for a while 😀

Photos: by Dorina


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