Sea lullaby


Taxi, ferry, shared taxi, tram, boat, dolmus… I have gone with our 5 years old son today because of the Nutcracker ballet in Kadikoy. It is my fight with procrastination coming from being most of the time left alone in this city and abnormal depression called LACK of home. You know it, most of expats recognize those voices saying: “The water is more blue back home.”


How was the ballet? Thanks to Julie with lollipop we stayed till the end. I would recommend it
to parent with kids 6 plus. I welcome such events for kids in Istanbul always… My next mission is on the same way and is more artistic less posh atelier than the ultra expensive fun around Levent/Etiler.  Got up at 7 to feed the cat, dog and son and forgotten GPS and IT worked. Got bless all single mothers. We did it and my summary is: “Creating happiness is the hardest inner task”. ONE DAY is done.


Looking with hope to the horizon.The magic is to understand the shy love expressed by your kid in every possible way, good or bad. And if you would have that big lollipop, you are safe. And if you are lonely, listen to the sea lullaby. It calms me, so will do for you 😉



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