Love eating out in Istanbul?

Tips to be tried

It has been almost one year since we had a great home party. We might need a change. And you? Here is a list of suggestions collected by last NCM (sounds like abraka dabra :D). I am happy all ladies suggested something.  Let´s see if we can use one of them for the New Years party.

Da Mario (Italian) –

Gazebo (Posh and Shiny) –

Far East (Chinese) –

Uskumru (Bosphorus view) –

360 Istanbul East Restaurant (Hilton Double Tree)

Bebek Hotel (water view) –

Chilai (Bebek) –

Zuma (Ortaköy) –

Kanaat (Üskudar) –

Gelik (great kebabs, Levent) –

Asitane (Edirnekapi)  –


My tips:

Recep Usta (very yummy, for special guests) –

Vox (Etiler at Hillside Club) –

Haci Başar (traditional) –

Kitchenette –

lovely Harun´s paradise –

plus Doğatepe (close to Boġazici Üniversitesi) –

And there is always Biletix for others.  Though I feel all good stuff will be at past events (sold out). So if you do not feel either for going out nor cooking, we have always packet service at

Additionally mentioning  our friend´s restaurant  – you can have New Years party 2011/2012 at their restaurant SWAAD (Çemberlitaş). Adults for 50TL, Teenagers for 25TL, Kids free. Sounds reasonable? RSVP: ASAP at

SWAAD  restaurant review can be found at:


What do you think?

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