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Akvaryum , a set on Flickr. When it rains, it rains. The water dropping or falling down in Istanbul means it is not easy to find any activity with children … Continue reading

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The circle of responsibility

This is how you should adjust yourself before the rescue forces can help you. YOU and your FRIENDS first, neighbours and colleagues. In case of earthquake or whatever… 72 hours you … Continue reading

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Hepy brsej tú jú

Ok, I am one year older. That´s fine. The work life was never so balanced and floating as now. I feel being mother, wife, an author, editor and a friend … Continue reading

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2 articles about art life in Istanbul

I have finished review of articles-to-be-printed in the Czech travellers Magazine Velbloud/Al-Jamal. Issue 3/2011 (more at, this issue is all about Turkey. They places both of my articles I had created for … Continue reading

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My favourite coffee place? NERO

Drinking coffee is a part of life, so we need more good barist´s as her!

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the best gift I was given in Turkey ever

To be home-sick is not easy, but to be Bifi sick is a diagnose 😀 Good I have one such friend! Really love you, Anne!

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Ortaköy relaxation by Hana Moualla

Ortaköy relaxation by Hana Moualla, a set on Flickr. A complete set of one morning, noon and afternoon at my mother-in-law´s favourite place. We made a deal – she was … Continue reading

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Istanbul by Hana

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Why one should learn languages?

When I entered the Greek Consulate, I KNEW. This is the right place for one like me. Mixed languages, open-minded people, speaking 7 different Euro-languages (Spanish, Czech, Greek, Romanian, Italian, … Continue reading

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Tiramisu alá Turka

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