Art of Mothering

Ortaköy relaxation by Hana Moualla

Rainbow sitting, take a seat pleaseWaiting for this shot and YES she came!kara Mewlana istiyorum This year´s pashminas are nicely coloured, aren´t they?Yes... Antique leather...
Always bringing small hello-gifts for my little oneShould sit or escape?! Second-hand material could be created into marvelous souvenirThis way....leftStreet breedCATzzz
Sun-flower for your hairAnother favourite place to go and see... Street lifeSmall beautyNatural stone´s armbands of ALL stonesREmington for all writers NEEDED
Rolling stonesArt and martial artOttoman style, Ha?! :DMy favourite place to shop and feel all feminine shopping sentationsLoved the blue necklace leftRarely fishing moments

Ortaköy relaxation by Hana Moualla, a set on Flickr.

A complete set of one morning, noon and afternoon at my mother-in-law´s favourite place. We made a deal – she was shopping, searching and dealing, me? Making pics, thinking whether I should do an article or not. Keep it as a fresh photo set or write a long craftsmen´s sond. Decidec I will keep my feeling this time for myself…

What do you think?

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My English blog about creativity. Inspired by nature of motherhood and travelling. by Hana Moualla
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