Hearth jumping with MAY-BE

Do not go down,instead  accept the fire melting you with smile. Accept you know your limits, which others do not recognize. It is not their fault. It is not your fault. Once feelings are done, memorize the time and issue frame. Recognize the pain source. Be silent. Keep your senses advice you. Think about yourself as unique spirit.

Admit to discourage yourself with the OTHERs optic. Love the way you think. Love the way you understand. Keep going on. Keep walking. Be the piece of the universe, which is essential. Live everyday. Think  big. Leave space for life to surprise you. Touch others softly. Do not judge.

One day you might find yourself doing what you love, but not against the flow. I used to laugh when I had read LOVE is the key. I am not anymore. Do not wait to be loved. Do not wait to be praised. Love every single detail. Love every single pain. Welcome your sadness. Apologize your dark side for throwing it away.

MAY-BE is everything good, MAY-BE bad. Let the time show which aspect it is.

Last Saturday I was sad. Organized a”girls swap exchange”. Some people sent late reply, not coming, some even did not replied at all. The fact is there was NONE of them coming. Felt upset cause I might be pioneer but still I have got a lot of feelings.

Now I know it was GOOD. I have packed all the stuff and more and brought it to our foreign women of Istanbul association as a donation for Van´s. With the help of universe and the charity coordinator, all the clothes will be delivered for the people in need soon.

And that is it. But do not forget to “assist yourself first after…” as we usually hear on the plane. So lets go out to do something small for myself too…

See, the happiness or unhappiness construction can be relative.


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