Cold hearts

I am on the 71st page of a new Czech (fresh outcome) FIMBUL by Kateřina Hejlová. It is about a couple, middle aged, which feels separated by the cold in their hearts, speech. Relationship is surviving not inspiring…

I am thinking about HOW to make shots of people in the streets. Do not mean the UNKNOWN´s. Mean those with stamp. With public signature – being losers. I feel can not step into their “bubbles”, cause they have only one, the intimacy. And what´s more, I do not want to misinterpret their lives. I do not want to show them as creatures or the daily feeds. I would love to show them as human´s. Which stands opposite to it…

Astras always helps me to enjoy the autumn. Brought one from “tamirci-bob´s” stores to pretend I love my Turkish flat. Ok, let´s say I am not annoyed by it anymore. But far from excepting it. Hammer in the hall and in the head is building the “dual gas” system without noticing there are people living in. Which is normal.


What do you think?

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