No way to leave one love for another…Brno – Istanbul and back

I do not know why my head is occupied by Gaga 😀 First this Alejandro and Born this way now. Is it a kind of autistic attitude to play it again and again?  Maybe it is because there is only me, myself and I. And this is a great company, one would say. But totally empty emptiness staring at me from every single corner. Yes, I miss country, the soil of the soil and blood of my veins.

So am I living „I love and hate her“ written by life? Definitively. But turkish experience is my possibility to study the lonely sufist´s journey. Little Czech girl is fighting with a mother I-can-handle-everything. Knock out? Pat? Who knows…And well, I do not care today. Does it mean I got used to living this schizophrenic life? Devided between 2 countries. Seperated from safe known world. But happy to breath fresh sea air and recognize, how much I can be thankful for my journey… Because after years of mourning I do not live life I was used to, I can finally say: „ Here I am, now and further on.“.


What do you think?

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